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Wednesday, April 08, 2009



Was able to hear Fr. Jaki speak the week before he passed away in Rome. He spoke on the very topic he gave so much of his life to- the boundary of science and religion. His definitely deserves to be read. He was a gifted man.

M. L. Hearing

I don't know much about this many-faceted man, and I haven't read much of what he wrote. But I have read one of his books--Chesterton, A Seer of Science--one of the best books on Chesterton I've ever read.

M. L. Hearing

John Bryson

Departing in early March for a lengthy vacation, at the last moment I stuffed into my suitcase a copy of Stanley Jaki's Patterns or Principles which had been sitting unopenned on my library shelf for some months.

A collection of essays on science and philosophy,it is not easy going, but rewards a serious effort. Once started it was hard to put down and I read and took notes on all 12 entries, completing it on April 7, the day Fr Jaki died.

I am now looking foreward to enlarging my collection of his publications. It will be a long term undertaking undertaking. alone contains no fewer than 109 entries.

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