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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


David Charkowsky

It seems to me that we are being punished (in some sense) for our collective mis-valuation of the 401k contribution over the human person.

His Prince Michael

The title of this well-written piece, is succinctly
accurate. My late beloved father Efren, once told
me as an early-teen: "Society's problems begin at home".
Again, Pop was right.

THE Battle, has just begun, and GOD, is GREATER!


QFE: "But it is fair to point out that wealth depends ultimately on the natural order of human life."

And to David Charkowsky, yes, but I'd put it differently: Modern Man's obsession with "safety and satisfaction"-pragmatism has led us to create a monstrous society of infantile hedonists, people who merely want someone to tape together the world long enough so that they can enjoy it; after that who cares?

Not only does our country need to re-learn a strong, fecund family life, but hard work as well, rejecting the virtual reality that has gradually been imposed upon us by the "social engineers" who thought they knew better than God what a good and orderly society looks like. Let's reject the false prophets of socialism, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. Let's live our lives.


Yes, that is certainly a basic element, one could say it is the most essential element. In the long run God will not bless a Nation that turns its back on His commandments. Yet there are other important elements like following sound personal and public and private economic policies. I've always been convinced that there are economic laws which are part of the Natural Law. If we violate them God will not work miracles to save us from our own stupidity.


As I stated before, the economist Dan Arnold has been pointing this fact out indirectly since 2002 (see

He doesn't ask what causes the demographic winter, but we here know the answer: contraception and abortion. IOW, the Culture of Death.


What, in Goldman's view, was the "Republican watch" supposed to have done to prevent the breakdown of the family? Would not the Humanae Vitae dissenters before them (and of course, farther back, the Lambeth Conference) have much more pain to bear?

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