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Monday, April 27, 2009


John Herreid

He has a fine essay in Hell and Other Destinations about his experience in El Salvador. Well worth reading.

Mark Brumley

And now available elsewhere on this blog, thanks to John!

Really, THE DEATH OF A POPE is very different from a lot of "religious fiction". In fact, I don't think it really qualifies as "religious fiction", although it does tell a story that makes a point in the telling, a point with spiritual implications.

On the other hand, the book isn't exactly your typical spy thriller, either. It's a bit "edgy", from both ends of the spectrum.

Catholics who think proponents of liberation theology can do no wrong should read this book. Unfortunately, some of what it depicts in that regard is anything but fiction.

Frank Gibbons

Cultured, orthodox but weak in plot and execution. I gobbled it down in a day and was left thoroughly unsatisfied. Even John Zmirak's strange "The Grand Inquisitor" deals with the same tensions with more seriousness. "The Death of the Pope" employs convenient and flimsy plot contrivances, a (for all his suppossed sauvity) one-dimensional bad guy, and a disappointing denouement. I'll say it again, orthodoxy does not make up for mediocre writing.

Frank Gibbons

Sorry - that's "suavity', not "sauvity".

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