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Friday, April 24, 2009



The gross illogic of our age is mind boggling!

Imagine Stephen A. Douglas during the famous senatorial election debates with Lincoln intoning

"I am personally opposed to slavery, but nonetheless want the right to own slaves protected by federal law!"

He would have been laughed off the stage by our forebears who had far less formal education than we do, but worlds more common sense.

Dan Deeny

Gov. Sebelius needs help. Let us pray for her.

William M. Grothus

I think you have it a little wrong. We are all pro-choice as that is our free will. If one says they are pro-choice, I think they should finish the statement. I am pro-choice for life and the Gov. is pro-choice for death.
To me this is a way the evil one twists words. And now there may be unhappy disagreement with us! Satan is very clever.
A woman has a a free choice as do all men. How we choose to have sex---marriage is good, rape is sin, is a choice.
I will choose to follow God and not man.

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