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Monday, April 27, 2009


Ed Peters

Hugely important. Hugely. Quick, where's my Te Deum?

Adam H.

This is an excellent letter by Mary Ann. What a shame that N.D. was using her name in such a way as if to balance a scale of views, as she mentioned in the letter. She is write that it is not the place to confront Obama. Let us pray for our teachers and students in our Catholic Universities, that the Holy Spirit might rouse the gifts needed to be open to the Truth, Jesus Christ. That we might seek Him above all worldy pursuits.

Francis Beckwith

Mary Ann Glendon, a woman of substance in a sea of nominalism.

Dan Deeny

Bravo to Amb. Glendon.
Fr. Jenkins says Notre Dame is disappointed and intends to award the Laetare Medal to another deserving recipient. He has many pro-choice Catholics to choose from. They would be honored to receive a medal from Notre Dame at the same time as Pres. Obama: Gov. Sebelius, Rep. Pelosi, Gov. Vilsack, Fov. Cuomo, Gov Schwarzennegger - it is a long list!
Many thanks to Amb. Glendon.


She taught President Obama?! I didn't know this! Wow.
I admire her.

PM in NJ

Thanks for the great post. I made the mistake of clicking on the link to MSNBC story and reading the thread of comments. Very distrubing to see what the "comman man" is thinking about the issue.
I had to come back to your blog for quell the nausea.

Ed Peters

De Souza's comment are great.

Carl is too young to remember this, but I have visions of Jenkins running around like McGovern did back in '72 (offfering the VP slot to anybody who would listen, and being turned down time and again). Who will J ever find to take the award now?


If ND continues to perpetuate the canard that in the interest of "dialogue" they plan to present different voices on the abortion issue this year, they're going to have to re-gift it to a "pro-life" Obama supporter, because no other prominent Catholic intellectual will accept it either (on an occasion when Obama is being honored, anyway).

Kmiec? Cafardi? Kaveney?

Or maybe they'll go the opposite direction and give the award to a "peace and justice"-type honoree.

Regardless, ND keeps digging its hole even deeper with announcements about re-gifting the medal this year.


Good. Let him give it to someone else. Let the winnowing continue....

T. Shaw

Being added to the 2011 ND course catalogue? "Propagating Doubt and Confusion (Theo. 409)"

Catholics can ignore (ask Kmiec, US bishops, priests, Cath U honchos, 52% of Cath voters) if the abortion candidate liberally and loudly opines and speculates on war, the death penalty, torture, minimum wage, gov health care rationing, free lunch for the entire world paid for by someone else, destruction of the evil rich person; and is not Bush.

I nominate a post-humous award to Margaret Sanger (I think she may have liked Catholic Social Justice), with Hillary Clinton (I think she might like Cath . . .) accepting.

If the award recipient must be breathing, I nominate Larry Flynt!

Oh! The recipient needs to be a Catholic! Never mind.

Paul H

Check this out if you haven't seen it already:

(Thanks to Southern Appeal for the link.)

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