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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Deacon Harold

Notre Dame is the first college to have a confirmed case of swine flu. Wrath of God, anyone . . . ? ;-)

Ed Mechmann

Can I quibble with one point from the otherwise good article?

She says, "The Laetare Medal is the highest honor conferred on Catholics in the United States." Excuse me, but when was that decided upon, and by whom? How many Catholics even heard of the medal before all this flap broke out? It's an honor, to be sure, but it's given by a university in Indiana, not by the Church. What elevated it to be the "highest honor conferred on Catholics in the United States"?

I would have thought that one of the Papal Orders of Chivalry would out-rank a medal from "a midwestern college" (as Fr. Rutler calls NDU).

dim bulb

When did college commencements become debate forums?

Glendon deserves Papal Honour

Following on from Mr Mechamm's post wouldn't it be a gracious gesture if the Vatican were to bestow on Ambassador Glendon its highest possible honour? I am sure it was sad for the Ambassador to have to reject the honour but isn't it wonderful she had the intelligence integrity and courage to stand for Christ's Truth when the University President failed to do so.I could understand an invitation to the President to come as an observer or guest but to award an honorary Law degree to someone who is bringing in laws to strip away any remaining legislative protection for the unborn is absurd and wrong.

Dan Deeny

Amb. Glendon is one of the few women in her age group to go against the current. Many women, perhaps most, in her age group have supported two dangerous ideas: 1. A mother has the option of killing her child while still in her womb; 2. Women in America have suffered unjustly merely for being women.
Amb. Glendon has certainly opposed the first idea. Has she also opposed the second?
Can anyone comment?

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