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Thursday, April 30, 2009



For those who didn't think there would be far-reaching consequences to voting in the far left into control of every branch of the federal government here is an example of how there are just enough "marsh grass" politicians at every level of government who will bend whenever the feel a strong wind in one direction.

God bless Bishop Thomas Tobin for a direct, clear and orthodox appeal. But let us remember that engaging the culture does not mean we should assume that culture will listen just because we do so. And we still must have plan B in place when that culture starts to encroach on our religious freedom by force of law.


Give that man a cigar! He articulates the splendor of truth in a most deft manner. Homosexuals attainging legal marriage will be THE watershed event in American Catholicism. And when it is over, the Church will be smaller and stronger, though many will suffer. I pray my school-aged children have the fortitude to stay true to the teachings of the Church.


If the Church is losing its influence, it is because a lot of Catholics are not doing what they are supposed to do...evangelize!

As for priests being forced to perform gay "marriages"...a priest friend of mine said that he would simply give back his marriage license.

A reasonable option for priests, perhaps, but what about the Protestant ministers who rely on such ceremonies for their livelihood?

T. Shaw

They scream, "Separation of Church and State!"

So, you cannot bring religion into the one-way discussion, you bigot.

"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg." -- Abraham Lincoln

Gay marriage is about those getting 'married'. Narcissism is the main difference with actual marriage. Just as gay sex is solely about those engaging in it (mutual masturbation is the best way to think of it), it is illicit, sterile, and separated from God because it makes it impossible to accept God as Creator and it denies the purpose of His creation and His participation with you in Creation of children. To put forth this abomination is somehow equivalent to marriage denies the poverty of the homosexual relationship. Which happens to be the point of the moronic exercise.

Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

From Judicial Tyranny by Ron Paul, Libertarian view: “While marriage is licensed and otherwise regulated by the states, government did not create the institution of marriage. In fact, the institution of marriage most likely pre-dates the institution of government! Government regulation of marriage is based on state recognition of the practices and customs formulated by private individuals interacting in civil society. Many people associate their wedding day with completing the rituals and other requirements of their faith, thus being joined in the eyes of their church – not the day they received their marriage license from the state. Having federal officials, whether judges, bureaucrats, or congressmen, impose a new definition of marriage on the people is an act of social engineering profoundly hostile to liberty.”

Daniel Nairn comments:
"Western elites don't realize how alone we actually are in the world in our belief that sex is an utterly private activity that can be disassociated from commitment, biological constitution, community, gender, just about anything. We want to fashion our decadence into a moral crusade for human rights, as if the wealthy gay urbanites in San Francisco share solidarity with the oppressed of Darfur, and we are outraged when the rest of the world doesn't buy the package."

Plato: Gorgias: "the passive homosexual" as ridiculous, loathsome, disgraceful, shameful, and wretched.

Unlike pro-gay "marriage" activists, divorcees, birth control users and those living together outside of wedlock are not campaigning to have their sins magically transformed into sacraments.

Organized gangs of troublemakers have yet to storm a cathedral and demand that the priest bless their IUDs. Those whose marriages are breaking up are not insisting that the Church invent a new ceremony to affirm their ok-ness.

"The authors of the EGALE editorial, Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell, in an enraged attack on [Bishop] Henry, admitted that the purpose behind the move to approve Gay 'marriage' is the suppression of traditional Christianity. They wrote, 'We predict that gay marriage will indeed result in the growth of acceptance of homosexuality now underway, as Henry fears. But marriage equality will also contribute to the abandonment of toxic religions, liberating society from the prejudice and hatred that has polluted culture for too long.'"

Hollywood movies have spearheaded the society-wide charge for the normalization of homosexuality, again and again painting homosexuals as saints and intolerant moralists as evil morons.

Liberals have undemocratically imposed their amorality on America through Hollywood, the education system, the judiciary, and the media.

Here's what Congress just passed:

In Canada a father was sued for “hate speech” and forced to pay C$17,000 to the plaintiffs. Quotes found to convict him included, “Our children will pay the price in disease, death, abuse…if we do not say no to the sodomite desire to socialize your children into accepting something that is clearly wrong,” and “Sodomites are 430 times more likely to acquire AIDS and 3 times more likely to sexually abuse children!” He added that “only 2% of homosexuals were monogamous or semi-monogamous, while 43% of male homosexuals estimate having had sex with 500 or more different partners, and 28% of male homosexuals estimate having sex with 1,000 or more different partners.”


Legislating homosexual mock marriage is no surprise as once the assault on life began in 1973 the downward spiral into debauchery commenced. The Supreme Court is supremely corrupt so why would anyone think that any laws currently enacted would in any way reflect truth? When our Government and country look more and more like the Roman Empire, faithful Catholics need to cling more tightly to the Bark of St. Peter for the rough storm ahead. Prayer, fasting and alsmgiving will appease the grave offenses being committed against our Lord and He send us the help we need in due time. But asking the government to appeal to reason is like asking Pilate what is truth. Neither was or is capable of the answer.

PM in NJ

Thanks Carl for finding and pointing out good material on the issue.

I couldn't help noticing the mis-use of the word 'dignity'in this statement I read on Fox website: "It is unfortunate that Miss California, who we note did not win, is so out of touch with the overwhelming majority of people her age that she wants to deny loving, committed couples the rights and dignity that come only with marriage," said Geoff Kors, Executive Director of Equality California.
Talk about twisting of words....


Marguerite, the assault on life began well before 1973, of course, with the Lambeth Conference of 1930 along with Griswold v. Connecticut of 1965. The philosophical roots of all this certainly go much further back.


(With a hat-tip to, The Most Rev. John McCormack, Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire, issued a statement on the issue:

I am deeply disappointed that HB 436 has passed the New Hampshire State Senate. The slim two-vote margin demonstrates that this radical change does not enjoy a consensus of support. It indicates a deeply divided House and Senate that is rushing to change a fundamental part of our society.

I encourage Governor Lynch, who opposes this effort, to take a stand for the uniqueness of the marriage relationship and veto the legislation. We have built our entire civilization on marriage as being between one man and one woman. It is the institution through which we raise our children and sustain the family as the building block of society.

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