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Saturday, April 25, 2009



has any scientist debunked the antimatter part of the plot?

Why use antimatter when nukes are a lot cheaper...

Carl E. Olson

has any scientist debunked the antimatter part of the plot?

Yes, CERN has created a page devoted to setting the record straight about the various claims made in A&D about anti-matter and related issues:


I've never bothered to waste my time and money on Mr. Brown's novels and films and I've
found that my life goes on nonetheless. Mr. Olson, I do not envy you having to sit through
that movie.

Elizabeth Montgomery/Calgary

I'm neither Catholic (except genetically) nor non- nor anti-Catholic; but I've always known that the DaVinci Code is crap. That's because I'm a particular reader. I hate reading books that aren't properly researched, and art is one of my serious interests. I also avoid anything that has a 'trendy' reputation, (like the Celestine Prophecy), until I know whether or not it's worthwhile.

The answer is in education. Children have to be educated by reading good literature in school, by getting an art and music education, and an education in philosophy; as well as the rest of it. Then, when they grow up they can think and act critically. Catholics have a reputation for delivering a better education in our city - where there are separat school boards, but my daughter was told that she'd have to drop physics in favour of religion class. Religion class should be outside of school - focus on real education, and the people will make the right choices.

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