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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ben George

The 2009 version of "bread and circuses" = "weed and abortion"

Charles E Flynn


You might have missed the release on April 28th of "The Da Vinci Code Extended Cut" on Blu-ray:

For some reason, other people's pay-per-view comes in on my television. I have to say that "The Da Vinci Code" is the worst movie I have seen on other people's pay-per-view.

A Mauldin

I have a lot of fun with _The Da Vinci Code_ when I do early Church history. Using primary source documents, along with The Da Vinci Hoax, my 9th grade students and I pretty well shred Mr Brown.

BTW, most of my students are either Cumberland Presbyterians or Church of Christ members, so I get to subtly set the record straight on the Catholic Church. Note to Mr Brown and Opie: bring it on, dudes!


If nothing else, Angels & Demons will reinforce, for some people, that Tom Hanks has certainly aged, and his star power must be somewhat diminished if he agreed to sign on for part II of this turkey.

Billy G

Please, you're putting me to sleep! Find a cause that actually matters!


Respectfully, not a novel plan is it, really? A course of action parents have suggested their kids take in some instances. for just about forever now.I really doubt that the movie will simply just "go away", especially if the move is half way decent entertainment in it's particular fictional genre. In the end it probably doesn't matter how "devious" that Vatican, too Catholics, and non-Catholics, well end up providing the movie free publicity, because they always need one more bone to chew on, so they can growl at anyone who somehow denies them chewing on that bone.

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