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Tuesday, April 07, 2009



Dear Sir,
If using the argument "love and marrage go together like a horse and carriage" or the more typical line used by convervatives", being "just ask a plumber, he'll tell you the parts don't fit" is simply elementary. You miss the real point
Many good catholics support gay rights and gay, lesbian and transgender relationships. In fact many catholics support abortion, if used in a limited fashion.
The cathechism of the catholic church supports the idea that homosexuals are quite natural. Though the church does say homo's doing the nasty is unacceptable. Hate the sin, love the sinner, type of propaganda.
I hope you can come to terms with the sexual diversity all around us and learn to love your neighbor in the future. It's really easy, just talk to people and ask their take on this seemingly dividing topic. I have and it feels good.
gods love

tony foley

Dear Bill

I think the point is that one can see a good reason for the state giving legal recognition to marriage because it is from the context of marriage (ideally) that the next generation comes. The State thus has an interest in marriage, as an instituion, functioning well so that well balanced citizins emerge who can make a positive contribution to the well being of the state.

Now, has the State the same interest vis a vis a same sex union? I think not? Such relationships are, by nature, not ordered towards the generation of human beings - a homosexual act is essentially barren. Thus, new citizens do not emerge naturally from such a relationship. Pausing here, I am aware that such couples may be able to adopt or engage in other forms of pro-creation with the assistance of third parties but thats another issue.

In conclusion, the State has as little interest in such relationships as it does with brothers and sisters living together or indeed two friends living together because they get along fine. Now, it will be argued that persons in such such same sex relationships may wish to be treated as next of kin vis a vis each other. Now, it seems to me that this could be catered for without giving such unions the same status as marriage.

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