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Friday, March 27, 2009



HH Benedict XVI is a man of his times. He has seen the rise and fall of Nazism in his homeland, he has seen the rise and fall of totalitarian regimes in eastern Europe. He has known personally Catholics, lay and clergy, who suffered under both.
In reality, labeling him as a dour conservative, or putting any other label on the Vicar of Christ, is foolish exercize.
His writings and public statements reflect an educated, balanced Catholic leader who has a firm grasp upon what the Church is to be about, and upon the way the world is today.

Mary Linda

I absolutely LOVE Pope Benedict XVI! His writings are wonderful. He is brilliant, but compassionate, loving and joyful . . . i.e. a real CHRISTIAN.

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

I am so glad that finally someone like Carl Olson gives us a new interpretation of who and what is our new Pope. It is simplistic to label BXVI as only a conservative since he is much more than that. For the first time we see a pope that has a comprehensive view of History and the Thinking of Man. I was, early in his reign, surprised to see that BXVI presented himself as a wise religious man that has no hesitation of speaking from the highest pulpit of the Church, with a profound knowledge and judgment of other religions and cultures. He has no qualms quoting men that are critical of our beliefs, our God etc. He acknowledges the great contribution of other thinkers, even when they may disagree , totally, with our Faith.
I shall give an example: Loisy was a renegade catholic priest that nobody quotes; Renan is another ex-priest that theologians in our Church ignore totally. They label him as 'antiquated' or 'non-pious' But we can not ignore that Loisy was a Dr. in Comparative Religion that left us with a comprehensive study of the Sacred Scriptures that is worth reading.
BXVI speaks with profound insight about Hindu or Buddhist philosophies
as well.
We are witnesses to the admirable reign of an unsusual pope who is wise, holy, , and a consummate philosopher.


What did it for me was reading his The Spirit of the Liturgy. I realised that I was not some lone madwoman muttering to myself in the attic.

The Holy Father is living proof that it takes a really intelligent person to write about complex subjects in a manner comprehensible to us lesser mortals.

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