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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mary Ellen

It took a minute, but I finally grew up and recovered from the sixties. Jimi Hendrix did not. He died at age 28 of a drug overdose, I believe the same year that Janis Joplin similarly aged, also died of a drug overdose. Clearly, the superintendant of schools is hovering in some netherworld puer state, because he certainly has not grown up from the sixties. If he had, he would not have chosen such a destructive role model to epitomize "transformation," a word that reflects not only death, but resurrection.

Charles E Flynn

ISBN 0898704847

(From my Booxter database)

Sleeping Beastly

This plan is "transformational?" I remember public "education" in San Francisco in the 80s and 90s, and the lyrics you quoted describe it pretty accurately.

Dan Deeny

San Francisco needs good, traditional, orthodox, Catholic schools. Then the students, their parents and their families, can have a life filled with love, goodness, opportunity, progress, invention, and justice.
These schools should be for everyone and should be affordable. Young, idealistic teachers and old, experienced teachers will be very willing to teach for very modest salaries. Have everyone teach and share administrative duties.
The Bishop should lead. He can draw on the traditional Dominicans - there is a group in Ann Arbor and another in Nashville. Other traditional groups will be very happy to help. Let's pray for Bishop Niederauer.

David K. Monroe

Baby Boomers - Still Building Shrines To Their Youth After 40 Years!

Dan Deeny

Now that we all agree that San Francisco needs good Catholic schools, let me offer a few suggestions:
1. Make the schools small: 200 for elementary, 400 for middle, 600 for high.
2. Offer boys', girls', and mixed schools.
3. Have small class sizes: 10 children for elementary and middle, 15 for high
4. Pay the teachers a very small salary (but include health care): they will
teach because of good conditions and because they are Catholic.
5. May I offer some names for high schools: St. Robert Southwell, Cristero,
St. Thomas More, G.M. Hopkins, St. Therese, St. Mary of Zion, Bishop
Oscar Romero, and St. Ann.
I hope we can get started. The sooner the better!


Dan, I like your ideas.

Dan Deeny

Jackson, Thank you. Are you from San Francisco? Nearby? Do you know people in San Francisco? Can you move there and put the ideas into action? Let me know and I will help.
Teach the Bible and the Catechism. Focus on math and foreign languages. Include the critical languages of Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. Have Junior ROTC. Start to form diplomats, military officers, entrepreneurs, and servants of the Church. Teach the Bible and the Catechism.
Time to move forward!

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