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Wednesday, March 25, 2009



It's actually easier to be a skeptic, an agnostic or atheist than it is to keep the faith, especially if you are a student of science and/or history. Easier to say, "well, if my mind can't comprehend it, then it MUST not be true!" Intellectual arrogance and hubris are the ultimate enemies of faith, and unfortunately, they are both traits that most of us possess in overflowing abundance.
Thanks for the post!

Thomas Extejt

Why is Ron Howard even bothering to make a movie out of Angels and Demons? Oh - it's the $$ - I forgot. Angels and Demons is a terrible novel - not even worth wasting time on the beach with. The ending is so contrived and unrealistic that Marvel Comics would reject it. I didn't think it was possible to write a novel as bad as The DaVinci Code, and then follow up with one that is far worse. But I underestimated Dan Brown.

Gloria Ramirez

Here we go again "the Gospel According to Ron Howard'--it's always amazed me that "the kid on the block with the baseball and the bat" seems to always want to dictate what and where the rules will be-- Howard has the ways and means to make "real" movies but he insists on writing his own "spin" on the Roman Catholic Church-- I wish he would stop listening to himself and study with the church- then he would make authentic blockbusters!

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