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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Cristina A. Montes



I read Angels & Demons about the time of the papal conclave. If I recall correctly, the conclave in Brown's book garnered absolutely zero attention from the media and the wider world, there was a lot of talk about the irrelevancy of the Church, etc.

I got a huge kick out of reading the novel alongside the important affair that was the actual '05 conclave. The only thing that seemed to be irrelevant was Brown's characterization of things.


You needed to post a beverage alert on this one...

I hope you've forwarded your response to the publication (?) in question. It's too funny not to be put side by side with this incredibly ignorant "review."



"In addition to the twisting appeal of Angels and Demons, one has to respect Brown’s skill; he is indisputably one of the most historically correct authors of this decade." -Alexa

So Carl, do we laugh, cry or laugh ourselves to tears? This is the next generation of journalists and media critics. At least you are helping us prepare for it.


"The movie success of DaVinci"???

I'm not even being my usual smartass self, because I don't have the numbers. What success?

I was under the impression that The DaVinci Code movie was a box office disappointment. Or am I confusing it with The Golden Compass, which I KNOW was a box office disappointment?

Carl E. Olson

Thomas: The movie was a moderate success in the U.S., but a huge success worldwide, with close to $760 million grossed, which is #26 all-time. You may have been thinking of The Golden Compass, which didn't too very well considering all of the publicity and hype.


I have been waiting for this Carl, your criticisms of Angels & Demons(Although sometimes I wonder if one gives too much credence to pop-drivel by answering it, rather than merely ignoring it). I remember sitting in a theater and watching the trailer and laughing out loud when Tom Hanks says, "The Illuminati were a secret society dedicated to scientific truth. The Catholic Church ordered a brutal massacre to silence them forever. They've come for their revenge." Unfortunately not that many people laughed with me.


The reviewer keeps bringing up the fact that the book is historically accurate. Hmm, was the reviewer paid by Dan Brown to make this book review, or is he/she just that thikc-headed?

Cristina A. Montes

"Thomas: The movie was a moderate success in the U.S., but a huge success worldwide, with close to $760 million grossed, which is #26 all-time."

Although I do know that the movie was laughed at during the Cannes Film Festival.

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