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Friday, March 27, 2009


Frances Daly

Congrats to Anna Abbott and her article above re 'Reiki'. It may be of help Anna to see the link I attach from Maranatha Community in England on their document produced a few years ago. It reveals the harmful effects of Reiki. God bless your work, you are certainly guided by above!


Ever since I researched Reiki (as an outsider rather than a practitioner) some years ago, I've been trying to encourage people to examine it critically. There has been (what seems to me) to have been a concerted effort to promote the practice among Christians, and it's a relief to see authors like Albot (not to mention the bishops!) giving it serious critical attention.

One phenomenon which was only briefly alluded to in the article is that Reiki healing is often specifically understood to occur through the guidance of spirits called "Reiki guides" which are intrinsic to the practice, but which do not ordinarily manifest to a practitioner until they have committed themselves more deeply to it in Reiki II. "Christian Reiki" resources will often disclaim this, but -- tellingly -- frequently go on to suggest that "angels" might serve a comparable role.

Many pages and resources about Reiki misrepresent the practice and obscure its origins in an effort to make it more palatable to Christians, but information about its early history is out there. While Dr. Usui may have been a Christian, he "discovered" the practices which became Reiki through occult researches in the context of Buddhism, and one of the pivotal events in the early history of Reiki was the suicide of his protegé, Dr. Hayashi:

After some more time it was nearing when World War II would start, the part in Europe already having begun. Dr. Hayashi appeared to Mrs. Takata in a dream asking her to come to Japan. She did this and found Dr. Hayashi having his Naval Uniform out of storage and fretful. With the coming war he knew it was a matter of time before the Navy would call him out of retirement and he would be asked to perform actions he was not capable of doing due to his spiritual development. At this time he passed to Mrs. Takata the leadership of Reiki. He gathered all the Reiki Masters to a gathering, announced Mrs. Takata to be the leader of Reiki, and then announced he would kill his physical body through bursting three blood vessels. And as he continued speaking and lecturing those blood vessels burst and he died.

There is nothing in the origins of the practice to suggest that it is in any way compatible with Christianity.

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