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Monday, March 02, 2009



Everybody was Kung-fu fighting?

Does this mean Kung is a practioner of the Hong Kong school of textual criticism?


"this hope has been bitterly disappointed"

Bitterly!! Comments like this one make all the more sure of the Pope's steps.


The national catholic reporter endorses his visions,and call him father Kung,I believe that they want too Obama as a Pope....

NW Clerk

I say this as charitably as possible, and I mean that - no sarcasm intended: but I think Kung has lost his mind. OK, he was always a protestant; I get that - I had to read his stuff in divinity school - but he has just gone so far off the deep end recently, and shown such MASSIVE misunderstandings about the Pope, the faith, etc. Imagine thinking the Pope could wave a wand and simply do away with 2,000 years of magisterial teaching! Each and every single thing he writes leaves me gasping ....someone shut this man up, put him out of his misery, some friend, some colleague, SOMEONE.

It appears that he has rotted from this inside out to his excessive anger, bitterness, and jealousy. He has no joy in the truth, no joy in Christ, his whole life is an ugly, bitter attack. There is no humility in him - by that I mean, no happiness that the lucid truth has appeared, even if HE wasn't the one to state it.

Seriously - has he NO ONE who can tell him he is cracking up? He is behaving as irrationally as my dear and beloved mother did when she first started showing Alzheimer's symptoms - she became paranoid, angry....after we got her on meds, we were able to enjoy a loving 3 more years with her.....

The man needs an Intervention led by people who know him, people he would respect, and I say that from the bottom of my heart in Christian love. All the rest of us can do is pray for him.

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