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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Dan Deeny

Yes, I believe you, Carl. But Gov. Sebelius, Prof Kmiec, Gov. Cuomo, Fr. Reese, and many, many others do not. Or at least, disagee. So what can be done? How can the others be brought back?
My recommendation is to put more emphasis on the racist component of the abortion business. Regarding the racist component, there is a lot of current circumstancial evidence, some current factual evidence, and some historical evidence. We should connect the pro-choice people in general, and the pro-choice Catholics in particular, to the Nazis and the Klan. Why don't the bishops do this?
Then, we should also put more emphasis on the business component of the abortion business. How much does an abortion cost? How much does it cost to raise a child? (According to the Dept. of Agriculture, it costs $250,000 to raise a child from conception to high school graduation.) Continue Rep. Pelosi's line of reasoning. Isn't abortion cheaper than welfare? Make everyone see that we are thinking of money, and not of lives. Or of the future. Make the pro-choice people swim in their lake.
What do you think?


Interesting concept this 'choice'...

Nadya Suleman AKA 'Octumom' also made a 'choice' and because of her choice the world was embroiled in an 'ethical' debate about her choice. If she had chosen to abort them all, her choice would not have even been on the radar.

Where were all the women who support choice? Did they rally around her to support her choice? No, she was abandoned...

This situation of hers is a perfect example of how 'choice' is just BULLCRAP!

Good post! and great INSIGHT!


Matthew 25:45 Then he will answer them, `Truly, I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.' From yesterday's readings.

Father Frank Pavone preached another powerful message yesterday on EWTN on this very issue. It is not possible for any of us to stand by and say we are against abortion personally but others must have a choice. Those children are our brothers and sisters and Jesus' warning here is crystal clear. We have to speak up and oppose it, and do all that we can against it. There is no neutral way, there is no accomodation with killing our brothers and sisters, because we will have to face Jesus one day and explain ourselves.

Ed Peters

So, um, would that be sorta like being a Pro-Choice Abolitionist in the 1850s?


Both those who are "pro-choice" and those who are pro-"gay marriage" use slogans that grossly distort reality. Pro-choicers call abortion a "reproductive right" when, in fact, in 100% of abortions the woman already has "reproduced." The advocates of "gay marriage" say that homosexuals are seeking the right to marry when, in fact, they already have that right and what they seek to do really is redefine what marriage is.

vincent manning

Sebelius,Kmiec,Brownback,Pelosi...collaborators all.Reverse Mexico City,conscience protections in health care... Could Obama be seeking to create divisions in American Catholicism to weaken the Church and thus opposition to him? Is there a pattern?

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