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Monday, March 02, 2009


Dan Deeny

Very interesting. A journalist should ask Gov. Sebelius how her Catholic faith supports her pro-choice views. She might explain herself as Ms. Graham has done.


Unfortunately, the bishops will come out with a public statement talking about how sad it is that she has a misinformed conscience, and that will be the end of it. And guess whose statements will get more airplay, press, and attention?

And guess what will be done about THAT?

If we continue to look to our American bishops for leadership in this issue, we're either blind, naive, or just plain stupid. With a handful of notable exceptions, they unerringly fail to provide it.

I'm not sure what else we as lay people need to do, but at the very least, we need to continue to bring attention to this inaction until some, or all, of these corrupt, worldly men are brought back into the obedience they vowed on their day of priestly ordination.



" conscience has been well informed." Isn't this so typical of the self-affirming generation now ascending, whether she technically fits the demographic or not. She may disagree with Rome and Tradition, but she has no doubt.


Truly vile stuff. Have you checked out any of the other stuff she's written? Check out this lovely column from a week or so ago, with all the insightful analysis of an eigth-grader:


Deacon Harold

You cannot be pro "choice" and truly Catholic. Period. You can be claim to be or call yourself a "Catholic" but now you'll have to redefine what "Catholic" means to fit your relativistic way of thinking. Now your caught in a temporal loop redefining objective truth. You are morally and intellectually justifying the taking of innocent human life based on your own authority as arbitrator of subjective truth, which is a bunch of BS.


Methinks Miss Childs has some other issues going on in her life that are forming her concience:

"Kate Childs Graham writes for and She also serves on the Women’s Ordination Conference board of directors and the Call to Action Next Generation Leadership Team."

Keep drinking the coffee, Carl.

Ed Mechmann

It appears that while the young lady was "forming" her conscience, she mistakenly looked up "protestantism" in Wikipedia, instead of "Catholicism". She actually did a pretty good job of forming a good protestant conscience, since believing in the infallibility of one's own private judgment is essential to that effort.


Individual conscience is not the arbiter of doctrine. If she wants that, she should become a Protestant. Officially, that is.

Chris B

So, let me see if I have this right. Ms. Graham's individual opini...Oh, sorry: "informed conscience" tells her to reject Church teaching on abortion. "Womens Ordination Conference"? "Conscience" trumps church teaching again? And I'm just spit-balling here, but I'm willing to bet that anyone involved in the "Call to Action Next Generation Leadership Team" (young people in CTA? All 20 of 'em, no doubt. Average age of 40 I'd guess) has a boatload of other issues where their almighty "conscience" parts company with bad old Mother Church.
I'd like to know-seriously- why not join a group that more closely mirrors your conscience, Ms. Graham. The ECUSA certainly could use the numbers. They might even make you a bishop.

El Zorro

While this is a critical issue by itself, let's make sure to see the proverbial forest and not just this tree. This woman's article is very much in line with the "young voices" section of the NCReporter web site. It seems to me, as a young Catholic myself, that this is meant to act as a kind of counter-agent to the young Catholic orthodoxy movement so evident in a variety of Catholic circles today. This is an attempt to breathe new life into an aging movement, and judging by the comments underneath many of the articles, it is meeting with some success, inspiring those who have long held such heterodox views but whose voices had been fading into relative obscurity. This could be the beginning of a serious movement, and deserves a charitable, faithful response. Sorry for using the word "movement" so many times. :)

Carl E. Olson

This could be the beginning of a serious movement, and deserves a charitable, faithful response.

Which is one reason I wrote what I did...

Roberta Young

Doesn't she and her cafeteria-Catholic dissenters realize the Reformation has already happened? The church they want to be a part of already exists (Episcopalian). So why don't they just join it? I think it's because if they left the Catholic Church and joined the Episcopalian Church, the Catholic Church would still exist and they can't stomach that. They really want to destroy the Catholic Church from the inside. These "tolerant" liberals can't tolerate beliefs and moral teachings that are orthodox.


"Conscience frequently errs from invincible ignorance without losing its dignity. The same cannot be said for a man who cares but little for truth and goodness, or for a conscience which by degrees grows practically sightless as a result of habitual sin."

The average understanding of formation of conscience is that one reads all easily accessible material on the topic, speaks to everyone about it in general, conforms to the ingested material, then compares it, (maybe) to official Church teaching. At that point, there's not a single window open for truth. But the "informed", who has merely formed a strong opinion, feels qualified at that point to act according to his or her "conscience".
I, and many of my contemporaries, made that same huge error when faced with the Bush/Kerry conflict. (Yes, I did bring that to Confession--never mind.)Blindness can come from sincere error and from STUDYING sinful thought and opinion.
I have a feeling that there are many blind Catholics out there who intentionally, but mistakenly "informed their conscience" before the last election and are now worse off than they were before. In fact, I know that there were actually pro-life Catholics who "converted" to Obamaniacs after "informing their conscience" incorrectly.

Our stupidity might be funny if not for the millions of lives and souls that will be destroyed. Our near-invincible ignorance is not funny. Pray lots!


We must remember that anyone who claims invincible ignorance is not invincibly ignorant by the very fact of claiming it.


"An Open Letter to US Catholic Bishops regarding National Catholic Reporter's Article: I am a Pro-Choice Catholic"


The Title in Bold is most appropriate because that is the factual pastoral bent of the Catholic Church which feeds it annulment mills and is destroying marriage and which feeds the abortion cycle.

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