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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ed Peters

My friends disagree with me from time to time on this or that. I disgaree with them from time to time on this or that. But, man, I cannot find ANYBODY whose opinion I trust with anything positive to say about this one. Let's face it, if Notre Dame did not have a football team (you know, Touchdown Jesus, and "Rudy", and all that), would it attract much public interest anymore? What, besides fading football memories and continually cratering Catholic identity, is Notre Dame noticed for anymore? Not terribly much.

Pres. Fr. Jenkins, meanwhile, is a either a disaster, or the perfect man for the job, given what the job basically is now: overseeing a school's evaporating Catholicism.

Dr John James

The pro-life movement should at Notre Dame in force of numbers. Respectfully, peacefully, but strongly. Let's turn this meeting into an opportunity to focus the American and world's attention on Obama's abysmal human rights record.

T. Shaw

Pop quiz:

List Obama "personal talents and accomplishments" in chronological order.


Community organizer. Taught "constitutional" law for a while.

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