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Friday, March 13, 2009



The answer in all this is pretty clear, and God is the one that made it pretty clear through interviews like this: True conservatives as a whole need to drop the Republican Party.

It is a joke and it is not Catholic. It's not our job to revive a dead and hopeless party.

The key to true change is to not affiliate with any party and instead rally around the Church. If a party wants to promote life, let them come to us on our terms. What's been happening is we've been waiting under the Republican table like dogs and become satisfied with the scraps they toss every so often.

The moment good orthodox Catholics start going around saying "Who cares about the Republicans?!" is the day conservatism begins to get back on track.



How embarrassing. We're truly living in an idiocracy.

"O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in't!"

-Shakespeare, The Tempest


Nick, you've reminded me of James V. Schall's excellent little essay published here a few years back called On Being Neither Liberal Nor Conservative. Have a look.


Now we all know because DNC or RNC we're still stuck with abortion: twiddle-dee and twiddle-dum.

Go Constitution Party!

Rich Leonardi

Seriously. The man not only lacks a coherent set of principles but is way over his ski tips. And culture of death will continue to rush to his defense against "attacks" by Republicans.

Please, Mr. Steele, just go.

Dr John James

I'm uncertain how leaving the Republican party ( or the Democrats ) advances the pro-Life position. I think you stand and fight in each party, though looking from the outside, as I am, the Republicans do seem, as Robert George said recently, the party of the 'religiously engaged" and the Democrats the party of the "secular liberals".
In Australia, though we have a Westminster system and party discipline is much 'tougher' ( in the Australian Labor party, roughly the equivalent, historically, of your Democrats ) to " cross the floor" and vote with the Conservatives ( called the Liberal Party, just to confuse you! ) would mean automatic expulsion from the party, pro-Lifers are fighting in both parties.
Sadly, our Federal government has just removed a block on Australian overseas aid being used to promote abortion, many of the proponents of the move citing President Obama's executive order overturning the 'Mexico City policy' as reason to follow suit.
I hope someone has confiscated Doug Kmiec's passport so he cannot leave the country. With Obama's recent Stem cell initiative and the appointment of Governor Sebellius, if I were Kmiec I'd be thinking of leaving the country before having to explain how all this advances the protection of the most vulnerable.
Who, in their right mind, suggested this guy should be Ambassador for the United States to the Vatican?

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