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Thursday, March 26, 2009



I have posted this comment on the CNA website.

In a strongly worded email to Fr. John Jenkins obtained by CNA,

1. How was the email obtained by CNA?
2. This email was presumably, a private communication between Bishop Olmstead and Fr Jenkins. Did either or both men consent to the content of the email being released publically?
3. Was either Bishop Olmstead's or Fr Jenkins' privacy violated?

Kevin C.

Bishop Olmstead asked that the email be made public due to the public nature of the act and the stature and name recognition of Notre Dame.

Mary Ellen

The invitation itself was more than bad judgment in the extreme. Given the current volatility of the subject matter, of course, Father Jenkins KNEW this would be a controversial choice, so what we have here is someone who knowingly chose to set this chaos in motion, knowingly chose to steal the celebration aspect out of the graduation ceremony for the young people of this graduating class. He took the graduation away from the students and put the focus on himself and the other narscissist involved here, our current president. It is a mean-spirited, despicable act in every possible way.

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