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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ed Peters

"This will be the 25th Notre Dame graduation during my time as bishop"

Does this imply that he attended all of the others? I dunno.

Dan Deeny

Carl, Thank you for this information on Notre Dame and the abortion business.
I thought Bishop D'Arcy's letter was a bit strange. Very soft and very, very diplomatic. Where is the spirit of Blessed Cardinal von Galen? What more can Mary Ann Glendon teach? I suppose she could go to the ceremony, and, at the moment of receiving the award, refuse it with a very short explanation.
The abortion business is profitable and popular. People make money killing a child when he or she is growing in his or her mother's womb. African-American women, who represent about 15% of the population, have 30% of the abortions. The Black Caucus is 100% pro-choice. But everyone knows all this!
Why is Bishop D'Arcy so timid?

Kevin C.

I had a similar response to Archbishop Burke's actions toward the Sheryl Crow hullabaloo about two years ago. I think that once again, the 'resignation trigger' as some call it, has been used too quickly by Bishop D'Arcy. Once again, it is good that he has made clear that he does not condone what is being done at Notre Dame, and it is good that it was in fairly unequivocal language. I'm still left wondering if he can do anything more or not in his capacity as Bishop. Is the political backlash from saying "you're not coming" to the President too great?

M. L. Hearing

I'm glad the bishop is doing at least this much. I have to agree with Mr. Deeny, though: Bishop D'Arcy does come across as a bit "timid." He should instead be thundering against this sin and its supporters.


Fr. Jenkins and his gutless decision to invite Obama is what has given us a confused and heretical laity.


"...I have encouraged her to accept this award and take the opportunity such an award gives her to teach. "

Right, so we will then have two distinguished voices, teaching two opposing points of view. Both worthy pf a hearing and respect in the school's eyes. And since it is a Catholic school...

Is it any wonder the laity voted for Obama?

Charles E Flynn



Just as I expected, the bishop acted as most bishops do in this kind of situation: "Well, I won't support it. I won't be there." Big deal. Do you think Obama's going to even notice the bishop isn't there? Do you think Jenkins is?

Why not just begin whatever proceedings the diocese can exercise to cut ties with Notre Dame as a Catholic school? Are there any diocesan sanctions, etc., that can be called into play here? Notre Dame has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that it no longer wants to be a Catholic school. Let's honor its wish and cut it off from Catholic support within the diocese. No more funds from the diocesan appeal (if they get any now). No more financial support from Catholics who buy all those football tickets.(!) Cut it off at the pocketbook...that's the only thing that'll speak to this clearly secular, materialistic university. Blackmail? No. Consequences of an action taken with deliberate defiance to the Magisterium, and, indeed, the bishop himself.

Anything less than this kind of a dramatic step is dropping the ball, and the bishop knows that better than anyone.

But then again, knowledge isn't the same as courage, is it?


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