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Monday, March 30, 2009


Ed Peters

"I don't follow baseball..."

I don't either. Haven't the 1994 strike. Realized just how boring it was to watch.


The exact thought (though not so well-articulated) about Pius XII and the current UND controversy crossed my mind as I was doing the laundry.


>>> Why did so many ordinary Germans, including some Christians, simply go along for the genocide ride and not protest at what was happening to millions of Jews and Christians? One reason, I'm quite certain, is because what was happening was "out of sight, out of mind." <<<

Since pre-WWII Germany was hardly a buddhist or hindu country, your use of the phrase "including some Christians" to qualify the many ordinary Germans who went along seems unwarranted. Christians WERE the "ordinary Germans" at that time.

I imagine that most Christians did not protest what was happening to Jews, Polish Catholics, and others either because they were ignorant of what was really going on -- Operation Tannenberg and places like Chelmno and Buchenwald weren't exactly front page news -- because they did not want to get "disappeared" or shot by the Gestapo, or simply because they thought of themselves as patriots and did not want to hurt the war effort (especially when the unforgiving Soviets were the potential victors). Of course, there were also those who agreed with and participated in the slaughter.

Contrast this with the common American of today. Abortion news is often in Section A, if not on the front page, of the newspaper. No one who can read can plead ignorance. There is no Gestapo on the prowl for traitors, no death camps. We have no war going on against an enemy that would occupy and devastate our country. And yet about a million fellow-citizens (including many fellow-Christians) are murdered every year in the US. And this has been going on for almost 40 years. What a contrast!

My understanding of the Nazi "Rassenhygiene" programme is that the focus was on forced sterilization and euthanization of the "useless eaters" in part because it was thought that the common Germans would NOT accept abortion as a means of eliminating the "unfit." At that time, mass abortion was considered unthinkable. Alas, if only we had more of those tender-hearted Germans living in the US today!

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