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Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Nick Milne

I'm glad Prof. Kmiec has such exquisite reverence for "the instructions of his faith community." No doubt this reverence shapes all of his actions.

Ed Peters

We have witnessed the disintegration of a once-solid thinker.

Ed Peters

ps. DK says "I am not sure Ron George wants to be remembered as the chief justice who ...."

What total hubris. If I were DK, I would be very, very worried about how people were going to to remember ME.

T. Shaw

As if reversing the votes of the majority would "damage the court as an institution." Honor.Thieves. That's the only way the socialist engineers can accelerate society down the road to damnation.

In the other news regarding Kmiec's prominent catholicism and "reverence for the instructions of his faith community": "Miami abortion clinic owner threw live baby away, prosecutors say."

Jackson (Augustine)

I'm developing an absolute loathing for the word "community."

Ed Peters

Resist it, Jackson, RESIST!

Dale Price

Douglas Quisling, Vichy Catholic extraordinaire, strikes again. He, for one, welcomes his new Leftist Overlords.

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