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Friday, February 27, 2009


Dan Deeny

Ms. Johnsen will say that "involuntary pregnancy" is like "involuntary servitude." She will insist that a key component of the equation is the word "involuntary." Yes, Ms. Johnsen is a very troubled woman.
Many Catholics are now working in the Obama-Biden Administration. What do they say? I believe the head of Catholic Charities, a priest, has just joined Obama-Biden. What does he say?
All of this, especially the Catholic participation, is material for a great novelist. Think of what Flaubert, Mann, Dostoevsky, or Gogol would do with this!

Ed Peters

"They are designed to sound reasonable while also limiting the number of abortions performed..."

I've always said, and I mean, for decades, that a very simple litmus test is being applied by the federal judiciary to cases and by all Democratic abortion policy makers to legislation: It is NOT, which ruling or which policy leaves the choice on abortion more free, or which ruling or policy makes women happy, or any of several other variations on that "freedom/happiness" scale.

Rather, it's this: which ruling or policy INCREASES THE TOTAL NUMBER of abortions? That's incredibly simple, and it, and it alone,c arefulyl considered, accounts for 99% of the situations around us.

They really, really, want abortion NUMBERS as high as they can get them.

Why? I dunno. But I suspect it's deeply evil, and not just a terribly misguided/malformed "good"

maria horvath

The link to her paper "A Progressive Agenda for Women's Reproductive Health and Liberty on Roe v. Wade's Thirty-Fifth Anniversary" is not working. Is there another place I could find it?

Maria Horvath

T. Shaw

No, unchastity is slavery. Her self-imposed slavery is believing she needs to gratify the sexual desires of any boar that pays an iota of attention to her. And, it's that buck wanting you in the heat 24/7 that has you girls mired in involuntary servitude. So much good came out of women's lib! NOT.

Edmund Burke said something to the effect, "Your vices form your chains."

Carl E. Olson

Maria: The link seems to be fine; it actually takes you to the abstract page for the address. Here is the direct link for the article (PDF); it is at the bottom of the abstract page and is rather hard to find at first glance.

Robert Miller

That's one of the best statements I've ever seen.
What kind of people are these "fellow citizens" of ours?
I guess only Bavarian Catholics who lived through the 1930s and 1940s have any comparable experience to share with us.


To me, Reproductive Liberty would me the liberty to reproduce.

Reproduce without pressure to abort, limit the numbers, sink into poverty, or become a second class citizen.

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