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Monday, February 23, 2009



This is no surprise. If you are to take all of the global warming "science" seriously and logically follow from that point to what is required to fix the situation, assuming that mankind is the culprit, large numbers of people will of necessity freeze in the dark or starve to death, and those that remain will live a near neanderthal existence. The only bright side would be that there would be no such thing as an economy to support these so-called scientists, and no technology to support their parasitical existence. The extent of the product of their brilliant minds might be a better spear to hunt with, if they could survive long enough to come up with it.

So of course it would take authoritarianism to bring such a brave new world. Actually massive totalitarian coercion and un-natural selection would be more like it.

Obama may be a lost cause but Brown, Merkel, Rudd and others should volunteer Hansen to lead an expedition to Mars to try out his plans on those nasty CO2 producing Martians whose polar ice caps have been receding of late as well. If he is successful on Mars perhaps he might have a little more credibility and if we are lucky he might stay there long enough for us to heat our homes through this coming mini ice-age and drive our internal combustion engines through the snow drifts to get to work. And maybe we might just get some honest and accurate reporting on the actual size of the Arctic ice cover.

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