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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Sandra Miesel

While we're attacking myths, may I please attack the notion that Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared "to stop the killing of the young." Aztec human sacrifices already had been ended by the Spanish conquerors years earlier. These sacrifices had rarely involved children and never babies. I'm not criticizing the invocation of the Guadalupana as a patroness of the unborn but this association only started to be made around 1970. It wasn't part of the original devotion in Mexico.


This article made me remember two events:
(1) The night of the election, I was at a Revive meeting that the Catholic youth in my town go to. At the end, when we were all finishing up, an elated member of the parish came in glowing, so happy that Obama had won the election. I could only shake my head.

(2) At the end of Mass one day, I spotted a woman who was proudly (smugly) wearing an Obama 2008 pin. SHE WORE IT DURING MASS. If I had been outside the Church, I might have torn it off her coat and berated her, I was so disgusted.

Any Catholic who voted for Obama should refrain from Communion until they have repented. "Social justice" doesn't cut it in my book. I've noted before that social justice is simply warmed-over Marxism for most people, including many nominal Catholics. There were four other candidates that could have been voted for, and one ALWAYS has the choice to not vote. These are valid options for any good Catholic. I voted for McCain to counteract the inevitable Obama victory, but I might as well have stayed home that day, the options were so poor. God help us!

Ron Paul / B.J. Lawson 2012 --> To The Barricades!

Dan Deeny

Many of the people working at high levels in the Obama Administration are Catholics. President Obama has just signed into law a policy that allows our government to fund abortion services in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Is this a racist program? I think it is, and I think the Catholics that participate in the Obama Administration at high levels should be censured for participating in a racist program. A long time ago, Cardinal Ritter threatened to exocommunicate a group of white Catholics who had formed to oppose the integration of Catholic schools in St. Louis. The group dissolved. But maybe Cardinal Ritter was bluffing? Could the Catholics now working at high levels in the Obama Administration be censured for encouraging racism? And what about withholding taxes that might be used to fund Mr. Obama's program? Could that be done? What do the lawyers say?

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