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Friday, February 27, 2009


Dan Deeny

Carl, Thank you for this information. It looks like Bishop Martino is moving forward along the lines of Cardinal Ritter and Cardinal von Galen. Let us pray for the confused young people caught in our culture. Let us also pray for adult Catholics; we are often the ones who cause the confusion.
I don't understand why the bishops don't also oppose the abortion business because of its racist roots. Can someone comment on this?

Ed Peters

Gimme that Old Time Conspiracy Theory, Gimme that Old Time Conspiracy Theory, Gimme that Old Time Conspiracy Theory, it's good enough for me!


If the Spirit of Vatican II includes diluting objective truth and allowing personal liberty to a point where Catholic identity in terms of moral positions is non-recognizable, than yes, let's undermine that.


Thanks for posting this, Carl. Bp Martino is a humble and prayerful man. Local newspapers and radio talk shows are trashing him and our Church bigtime, fueled by the opinions based in ignorance of the CINO's in our diocese. He could use our support in prayer.

Robert Miller

I wish the conspiracy theorists were right. It would be a marvelous consolation out here among the bare, ruined institutions of the Church in the US.

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