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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Robert Miller

What I think we have to attack head-on is the notion that "universal health care" is good.
It's not good. It's universal behavior-control. Sure, babies and old people should get some doctoring. But we shouldn't have to pay for:" Ask your doctor about..."
The medical industry -- doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurance companies -- is a gigantic leach sucking the lifeblood out of our society. That's what needs to be reformed and down-sized.

Dan Deeny

Someone should ask Gov. Sebelius how her Catholic faith strengthens her in her support for a woman's right to choose. She should be encouraged to develop her thoughts so we could understand better why and how she makes her political decisions.
This past week I spoke with a priest, beloved by the students, who works at the local Newman Center. He also said that the pro-choice people do not support abortion. He continued saying that he was against extremists on both sides. He cited examples from his life where women had been under stress because of their pregnancies. I listened, thanked him, and left depressed.
Has any novelist described our lives with the abortion business as part of the background? Think of what Flaubert, Mann, Dostoevsky, or Gogol would do with all this material! Flaubert would show us how we never really learn anything and continue in our sinful ways. Mann would sit back and serenely describe the unfolding of God's plan, and we would marvel. Dostoevsky would make us experience the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Gogol would make us laugh and laugh at our incompetence and corruption.


I'm not stating anything here that is new. But I'll restate something that is becoming clearer to me by the month: The growing number of prominent Catholics who are openly pro-abortion and who are not disciplined by the Catholic church is a growing scandal. For Catholics, especially the younger ones, it provides an argument that "it's OK to be Catholic and pro-choice." For non-Catholics who pay attention to the Catholic Church, it gives the strong impression the Catholic Church isn't serious about what it says, and why would anybody be drawn to a church that pays lip service to important issues?

(I spend a lot of time with Protestants in a large denomination that is staunchly pro-life, and believe me when I say this has become a frequent topic of conversation now: Why aren't the Catholics following their church's teachings on abortion? Or worse: The Catholics got a pro-abortion president elected.)

Where is the discipline?

vincent manning

Any word yet from Prof.Kmiec?


It seems that wayward Catholics are being recruited for crucial positions in the current administration to mock and undermine the last bastion of morality and sanity in society--the Catholic Church. This attack is all the more insidious because "Catholics" are at the forefront of using their positions of power to try to destroy the Church. This is nothing less than a spiritual battle against the forces of Hell.


You are right Marguerite. That has always been a sound military strategy for taking down an enemy regime. Tap into any dissent that you can find, wine them, dine them, and use them against their home.

It has taken some time, but I think that the Bishops are gradually becoming aware of the real problem here, aware enough to begin to take public action commensurate with the public scandal.

Dan Deeny

Yes, Prof. Kmiec must right now be preparing a scholarly and helpful statement. MarkAA, Marguerite, and LJ have it right. Yes, this is a scandal, and the Obama-Biden Administration does seem to be employing Catholics as cover for a very interesting, but cruel, social policy.

Kim Lehman

I read the article and find it most amazing that it is coming from ignatious. It is not difficult to see this is a writier that does not know the living God. Killing the unborn is never in the interest of the God of creation. There is never a time in which abortion is an act of love for the glory of God. It is at its core evil and all the words of this author is from the father of lies. Period. Love would be to do the will of the Father. May the Lord convict this man and may the press of Ignatious come under God's judgement.

Carl E. Olson

Kim: I think you've misread the post. Please read it again...

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