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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ed Peters

I wonder what, if anything, the L'OR article will add.

M.L. Hearing

See, this is exactly why I parted with Protestantism: I could never discern any real desire for unity (which would have been impossible in any case because it is way too fissiparous). Only in the Catholic Church headed by Christ's earthly stand-in is there any real hope for unity. I think I now applaud our Pope on this one.

Ed Peters

Well, MLH, okay, but I must remind you, the SSPX is not in union with Rome. Not yet anyway. Even the pope says that. They are not excommunicated anymore, but things are far from hunkydory.

M.L. Hearing

Mr. Peters, point taken and thanks--that helps some. I'm just trying to move beyond completely unalloyed ambivalence on this. Union is, of course, a great goal, but what do you think the actual outcome will be?

Ed Peters

Well, one could only add my guess to about 500 other educated guesses, but my default setting tends to the pessimistic.

Once again, though, if I may say so, Fr. Lombardi is speaking confusion, saying things like "one may talk in terms of full communion." I'm really tiring of having to check myself almost everytime he talks with "maybe he was mistranslated" or "maybe only he was misquoted". imho, the VPO needs a serious overhaul. N-V, now he was good.

ps: a quote attributed to L'OR (I have not see our copy yet) was allegedly griping about the world not understanding B16's preference for mercy over condemnations. Brother. I really, really hope that was not said.

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