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Friday, January 23, 2009



A wonderful excerpt. I'm sold. Many thanks.

Clare Krishan

Enjoyable prose invitation to see Scripture as praise song to God - even the human fallibility was endearing (there's 10 iterations of Ecclesiastes spelled correctly, but 8 spelled Ecciesiastes, chuckle). Will add this title to my wishlist.

Does Kreeft entertain a Muse for his poets' penned poems, who is the cow being milked in each "classic"? It seems to me that the author of Ecclesiastes is aroused to reverence by the mysterious hidden beauty evoked in the words he crafts, perhaps, in a way like T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land submitting to the wisdom of What the Thunder Said? Job was perhaps enthralled by an imagined Muse, a more perfect version of his wife, who instead of cursing God, offers succor in the face of adversity, offers alternate arguments to the three sages? The Muse in the Song of Songs is most obviously the traditional one, as Dante's beloved pure-of-heart Beatrice. Would I be presumptious to categorize these three "types" of the Patriarchs as precursors to Christ's Church as Muse for our souls? That the Old Testament evokes a certain necessity for the feminine helpmate in Salvation history? I would like to think so, since the "masculine" voice of the philosopher is not so readily apprehended by the feminine heart, who yearns to act before she has understood where her actions will take her (Eve's dilemma, no?)

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