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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Dan Deeny

Several years ago I had an interview for a high school Spanish teaching position. The principal and I talked for a time and then the other Spanish teacher, an attractive young lady, came in to test my Spanish. We talked for a bit in Spanish and then returned to English. Almost immediately she launched into an attack on the new, German pope, Benedict XVI. She said something about his committing genocide (Yes, she used that word.) in Latin America. And that the Latin Americans were very worried. I was amazed. I had no idea what she was talking about. I mumbled something about Sendero Luminoso, but I didn't think the pope was connected to them.
I will get this book, read it, and send it to the young lady.


"Ratzinger's theology is fragmentary--filled with brilliant insights into almost every subject of theology and yet not a fixed "system"."

Nor should it ever be. Some of the worst ideologies have come out of sophists attempting to grasp various "systems." I think it bespeaks B16's prudence and wisdom that he does not come out and say "This is what I think about everything." Rather, I think he will leave behind enough fragments of thought to the faithful to keep them going into the next centuries in terms of both practical and theological matters.

"She said something about his committing genocide... in Latin America."

Good Lord, what!? I'm not sure this woman needs a book... maybe an exorcist. I think Latin Americans are probably more worried about some of the tyrants in their own midst than a kindly old fellow in Rome.

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