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Thursday, December 04, 2008



Still waiting for positive results from revolution.....

Charles E Flynn

In addition to the 239 other articles by Dalrymple at City Journal, there is this gem at the New Criterion:

Exposing Shallowness


-Edmund Burke's lapidary warning that "it is ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free"-

Theodore Dalrymple paints a very clear and un-retouched picture of the ways things are without much more than the above nod to where it will take us. That is not a criticism; it seems clear it was not his intent to project into the future.

While he points out that there is a uniqueness in our current culture insofar as sex and morality have been systematically and intentionally disconnected, I think that Edmund Burke's axiom is the future, perhaps even the present in some ways and there really is nothing new under the sun.

Could this all be reversed without the total (and painful) renovation of society? Yes. Is it likely? No. It is not possible to de-link sexual morality with the rest of our moral determinations although this is what has been attempted. A general moral breakdown is well on its way and it is by definition chaos, effecting everything including economics and politics. Something will act as a catalyst, such as another Depression, and we will be shocked at the rapidity of the collapse of the remaining morality into chaos and the equally swift filling of the vacuum created with, at minimum, an authoritarian power, and more likely a totalitarian power.

History demonstrates this sequence over and over, and we need not necessarily attribute the loss of freedom to God's specific judgment, although some folks believe we are overdue for chastisement. I think however, man's own nature creates this scenario over and over without needing God's interference to make it happen. We are our own punishment in large measure.


Since Carl is a most capable of dissector of nonsense in his own own right, I can see why he's attracted to Dalrymple's work. D also ruthlessly cuts through today's fashionable, poisonous cant. For instance:

“The punk ethic, as far as I can tell from my brief researches, consists of the following: an utterly conformist non-conformity and an insensate individualism without individuality, allied to brutal and deliberate bad taste - ugliness, be thou my beauty. Commitment to non-conformity is, of course, a conformity of its own; and bad taste requires no discipline, or hardly any, to achieve. To be accused of lack of commitment to these 'values' therefore seems to me to be a compliment rather than the reverse, and not something to feel insulted by.”

Found on

P.S. Charles, that essay you cite is a great one.


...some folks believe we are overdue for [God's] chastisement. I think however, man's own nature creates this scenario over and over...

I am not really sure there is a distinction or conflict here. The nature of God's chastisement is such that, effectively, he causes sin to be its own punishment.

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