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Sunday, December 28, 2008



Bless you for reprinting the Gilson book!


On a related note, yesterday I watched an excellent movie recently released by IP: Clare and Francis. Do watch it!

Sheryl D

Yea! This week's new Peter Kreeft book!


Is Ignatius Press adding something that wasn't included in the InterVarsity Press edition of Kreeft's and Tacelli's Handbook?


An impressive selection of new books.

I'm pleased to see that the study Bible for the Book of Revelation is coming out. Is there now an Ignatius Press study Bible volume for each book and epistle in the NT? Are volumes for OT books in preparation? I would love to see Ignatius Press study Bible volumes for the OT, and particularly Genesis, Isaiah, Daniel, and the Psalms.

I very much appreciate having available Catholic-oriented separately bound books of the Bible. For me anyway having the books separately bound makes reading the Bible much less daunting.

Mark Brumley

Regarding how the IP version of Kreeft and Tacelli's Handbook differs from the IVOP version, the IP version includes a lengthy section on how Catholicism "fulfills" or "completes" the main doctrines Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox hold in common.


I know someone else asked this on a previous blog entry months ago, but another list of great new books raises the question again - is Ignatius Press going to publish its books in Amazon's Kindle format? There are many Ignatius Press books I'd buy today if they were available in that format, but I don't have any more room for the physical books so have mostly stopped buying. I'd even get Kindle editions of some of the nearly 100 IP titles I now have in paper just to have them accessible when I'm traveling. It is so much easier to travel with ONE lightweight Kindle containing lots of books...

Mark Brumley

With the volume on the Johannine epistles and Revelation, the collection of NT booklets of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is complete. The OT books are in preparation and we're in the process right now of working out the details of publication.

The ICSB books are complicated works to publish because they need the usual editing, plus a complicated layout, but also substantive review to make sure the annotations are appropriate for a study Bible. That means that the personal interpretative choices of the commentators are kept, to some degree, in check by the genre in which they do their commentary--a study Bible rather than a Bible commentary. People read the notes of a study Bible a bit differently from how they read the notes of a Bible commentary. It is very easy for inexperienced Bible readers to confuse what the Bible says with what the notes in the study Bible they use claim it says, e.g., many readers of the Scofield Reference Bible.

So on the one hand we want the insights of our commentators to come through but on the other we want to avoid leaving the unsuspecting reader with the impression that a commentator's insights are on the level of the Bible itself or even an authoritative interpretation of the Bible by the Magisterium. Which means we have to review the annotations carefully and discuss them with the author.

Mark Brumley

Re: Kindle books, we're working on it.

Dr John James

Is Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavin's series 'Our Father's plan' still available, on ?DVD, through Ignatius press?
I know the original series is several years old, but I caught up with some of the programmes for the first time over the past 12-18 months and thought it just superb.
I happened to hear the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, talking on radio about "bible-based churches" to-day ( his brother, Phillip, publishes tracts regularly attacking the Catholic Church here ) and thought that I must try to obtain this excellent series and use it as a tool in improving my own scriptural study.
In fairness to the Jensens, I should add that on some of the important public-policy debates here in Australia they have been prepared to stand with Cardinal Pell and that has been much appreciated.


Mark: Are you planning to release a one book, collected edition (i.e., all the NT ICSB booklets into a single bound volume) soon?

Father Thomas

I am thrilled that Ignatius is republishing Dawson's Dividing of Christendom. Now, you need to get someone to dig through the files at Harvard, find his notes for the proposed third volume of the series (I believe Dawson wanted to call it The Return of Unity), collect and edit them, and publish that.

John Lamont

A good selection - but how about reprinting Bishop Challoner's excellent 'Memoirs of Missionary Priests'?


Mark Brumley: I bought the first Ignatius Press title that's appeared for the Amazon Kindle just last night! Many thanks for Joseph Pearce's book on Shakespeare. Am looking forward to buying more!

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