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Thursday, December 11, 2008



The serpent spoke cunningly to convince our first parents to disobey God and nothing has changed. Words can still be used to tickle the ears and sound logical and those critical of Archbishop Niederauer's remarks need to manipulate language in order to justify their proclivity to their particular sin. Sin is sin and no words can ever change that, no matter how sweet sounding or tripplingly they come off the tongue.


While I cannot judge the nature of those whose words appear to judge others, I will say that, for me, I do not believe that is the teaching of our faith. Judgment is not ours to offer. However, compassion and understanding is. It is the gift of our savior and our faith.

San Francisco's mayor is struggling with the reconciliation of his faith with his duties as mayor of a secular city. I pray for him in his struggle.

The Most Reverend Archbishop Neiderauer, too, is struggling with the his need to lead his flock as a good shepard, not chase them from their Church, rendering their faith inconsequential and irrelevant. My prayers are with him, too.

The Catholic church has a long and liberal history of social justice, of which I am profoundly grateful. So has the City of San Francisco. Paramount to our teachings is the Sanctity of Human Life and the knowledge that we all are of original sin and all are sinners. This basic teaching makes it incongruous to our faith to judge others for what we would by sinful nature claim as "their" sins.

I pray that Catholics who are gay or lesbian, as I believe they are born this way, find strength and comfort in the teachings of Jesus Christ and in the Catholic Church. I pray their faith guides them as I pray it guides me. I pray for all those who are sick and all those who are lost. And I pray for love and peace among each other.

"We are all born of one Father, no rooted difference is their between us."

In Peace


I totally agree with what the author said above that "it is incongruous to our faith to judge others for what we would by sinful nature claim as 'their" sins'." However, what is not incongruous to our faith is changing truth to suit a minority who vehemently insist that their "sin" is not a sin. That's the difference. The Catholic Church does not condemn the sinner, but the Church does not condone intrinsically evil actions either.


If any statement was in need of deconstruction, it's this one.

"You lead a charge to rip the constitutional rights from a minority that you have historically treated inhumanely..."

Which "right" is being ripped away? "Historically treated inhumanely" how? Argh.

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