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Friday, December 05, 2008



A good case can be made that Obama's whole domestic agenda is an all-out attack on subsidiarity, designed to remove the responsibility for virtuous engagement in civic activity from the citizens at the level appropriate to them and deliver it into the hands of distant bureaucracies controlled by experts, from his health insurance plan to his tax schemes. Technology and management take the place of virtue and charity.


"This will be more successful than the divisive attacks seen in the past several years." What, exactly, is Melady talking about? I am suspicious of anyone who starts talking about being divisive, because it usually means not agreeing with the left.

"A good case can be made that Obama's whole domestic agenda is an all-out attack on subsidiarity..." -Tom

I agree. In this case FOCA is the epitome of such an attack, interfering at the local and state level with laws that have already been passed and tested in court that limit abortion.

Carl, are you aware of any book by a conservative Catholic who has brought together the principles of Catholic social doctrine and placed them alongside the founding principles of America in such a way that a case is made for limited government as the means to achieve the ends of Catholic social doctrine or better yet, as the proper context for Catholics to achieve those goals?
Ignatius Press would not likely have it as it would necessarily be a political book.
It seems to me that such a book, in layman's language, would be a start to unlocking the minds of some knee-jerk big government Catholics who cannot conceive any other way to follow Catholic social doctrine. Clearly, the debate in this past election has shown that they see this as a proportionate reason to vote for pro-abortion candidates.

If nothing like that exists, it should be written.

Dan Deeny

Thank you for this information on Catholics, politics, and the abortion business. I read the articles by John Norton and Ambassador Melady. Ambassador Melady has this: "... emphasis on resolving the challenges of poverty, health insurance for the poor and eliminating minority-centered prejudice." I have a few comments. The first point is "...resolving the challenges of poverty..." I recommend that Ambassador Melady, along with other wealthy and influential Catholics, come to my town and start a shoe factory and a leather coat factory. These factories will provide jobs and income enough for modest and sturdy homes. We will also be able to sell these products to other Americans, to export these products, and to compete with the Chinese. That is the first point. The second point is " insurance for the poor..." I recommend that Ambassador Melady, and other wealthy and influential Catholics, go out and find families and individuals without health insurance and provide this insurance for them. They and the insured would be responsible for the proper implementation of this insurance. This would be an example of subsidiarity, wouldn't it? That is the second point. The third point is "...eliminating minority-centered prejudice." I am happy to hear that Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden have come out in favor of Ward Connerly's initiative. I hope they, and Ambassador Melady, speak out more often so they leave no doubt of their support for his initiative. The struggle against racism is not over! In this regard, the abortion business must be one of the most diabolical programs ever conceived. I hope Ambassador Melady mentions more often the racist aspects of the abortion business. That is the third point. Hopefully we can all work and pray together to build a just society that includes everyone.


LJ (and all)

LJ has an interesting point....

To be curt I will make my point by bullet.

#1. The corrosive effects of STATISM on societies.

#2. Europe as a whole and Christian democratic parties in particular (and their success at maintaining non negotiable Church teachings within their respective states)

Along with this #3. The Bishops Conference was ready to throw their support behind the Clinton health care proposal BUT the pro-choice lobby was unwilling to allow the language that would have prevented federal funds for abortion & exceptions for Catholic hospitals and the like..

Now... If my point isn’t clear (it may not be) I would be happy to elucidate.

It should be...unfortunately the FACT of the matter is that greater socialism seems to break down popular will that the modern nation state can be fought when it comes to key human rights issues.

We Feed that beast at our peril.

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