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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Francis Beckwith

The Rev. Sharon should take her own advice and not criticize the Pope in such a public fashion. For it may inspire all sorts of religious hate crimes against Catholics throughout England. The spirit of Henry and all that.....

How ironic that the birth of the Anglican communion was the consequence of a certain willful Englishman--another "defender of the faith"--wanting to twist the institution of marriage into something of his own liking. Some things never change.


The Revd Sharon Ferguson: is she Lesbyterian by any chance?


"There is no discussion; furthermore, there never really was a serious interest in discussion."

All that there really is left is a question of power, from municipal right on up to federal governments.

Here's an interesting thought, Dr. Beckwith. If King Henry were to go before a Diocesan Tribunal today, say anywhere in America, would there be an Anglican communion?


Giving the deviants a seat at the table was among the first mistakes. A slippery slope.

Mark Brumley

LJ, one might ask whether there would be an Anglican communion today if Henry had sought an annulment on other grounds. See J.J. Scarisbrick on the subject. Though perhaps Henry's adulterous heart would probably have gotten him into trouble, sooner or later.

A Concerned Filipino Catholic

Dear everyone,

I hope any orthodox Jesuit out there can read this comment.

I am glad that our Pope has expressed the truth about homosexuality so boldly this Christmas season. It is high time that he stresses this point again after his great work in 1986 the letter to the bishops on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons.

Sad to say some of the Jesuits here in the Philippines act in defiance of the Pope and Christ's teachings about homosexuality. They have been spreading the idea of the "gay gift" and the acceptance of homosexual relationships.

In a book published by Jesuit Communications called TENDER FIRES: the spiritual promise of sexuality by authors (known dissenters of the Church) Fr. John Heagle and Sr. Fran Ferder, they have this disturbing statements to write:

Did God create human persons to fall in love outside the confines of heterosexuality?

Same-gender love might even represent a natural way of limiting overpopulation.

What is more dangerous for children? Being around gay or lesbian couple who love each other or around a heterosexual couple engaged in domestic violence?

These are very disturbing statements found in a CATHOLIC book published by a CATHOLIC JESUIT publishing house.

Hope something might be done to outlaw this kind of book.

A Concerned Catholic

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