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Friday, December 12, 2008


Bill Genereux

I just attended commencement exercises for K-State at Salina this evening, held in the auditorium of the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy in Salina, Kansas. We hold commencement in this fine facility each semester because we don't have the capacity for a large gathering on our campus. You may ask why would the KHP Training Academy have such a large auditorium in the first place, and you probably wonder why I would even bring it to your attention?

Before it belonged to the highway patrol, the building was part of the now defunct Marymount College, a Catholic institution of Higher Education. Once I asked a nun who taught at Marymount her thoughts on why it closed. She felt that the secularization of the school was it's downfall. Once it lost sight of it's Catholicism, it became just like any other school, and irrelevant in the community, since there were other similar and less expensive options.

Just something to think about. What is the point of having an institution that is Catholic in name only?

Ed Peters

There aren't words enough to describe our collective debt to R. McInerny, and he was teaching at ND before I was twinkle in my mother's eye, so I can imagine that he is concerned about Notre Dame, and I do not disparage it. But for my part, I'm not concerned. Notre Dame ceased being a leader among America's Catholic academics long ago (notwithstanding being home to some luminaries like Mc, Charlie Rice, and so on) so I've gotten used to not counting on it for much. I don't "miss it" because it (as an institution at least) wasn't around much during the years I (and many, many others) would have noticed and could have used it. Maybe it can reform itself in time for my grandchildren; that'd be nice. If not, well, they'll have other options.


I do indeed care about the University of Notre Dame. On the other hand I have absolutely no idea what "Notre Dame University" is!
As a grad ('87) I do wish people would learn the name of the place!

Carl E. Olson

As a grad ('87) I do wish people would learn the name of the place!

Prior to reading the column, I didn't even know the University of Notre Dame was Catholic.

Just kidding. My apologies for the error. And, for the record, I should have known better: I have several good friends who have attended or currently attend UND.

Ed Peters

"I have absolutely no idea what 'Notre Dame University' is!"

Ah, ask your Development Office. See whether they would look at a check made out to "Notre Dame University" and say, "Gee, I wonder who this is for? Miss Jones, send this back to the Post Office, mark it Addressee Unknown." ;)

Dan Deeny

Thank you for this article on the University of Notre Dame. Mr. McInerny is on target in his article when he discusses salary and teaching at Notre Dame. The samne reasoning should apply to other Catholic schools.

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