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Wednesday, December 24, 2008



It is telling that that her driving force is anger whereas Catholics ours should be Love. I understand her as that was my driving force at one time. Anger at the very same persecution and injustice. But, thanks to Christ touching my heart, it is now Love. Love for God's creation and creatures. Love as the Love of a Father who sent his only begotten Son.

MMajor Fan

Did you notice a woman in very bright red rushed the Pope at the end of Midnight Mass and had to be grabbed by the guards? Flight time from Chester to Rome? Hmmmm....

Well, Merry Christmas!

Sandra Miesel

To me the oddest element in this sad story is the presence of a book by Randel Helms, who was a perceptive critic of Tolkien in the first wave of JRRT enthusiasm.


I don't understand why this type of display is billed popularly as a show of "tolerance". Dec. 25th, on the calendar, is Christmas Day. To put up an atheistic display on public ground is to protest the holiday, and is disrespectful. There are no such displays on Martin Luther King Day (If there were, there'd be an uproar), no one is permitted to display torn or burnt flags near public Memorial Day displays, etc.
It is not as if anyone is being forced to celebrate Christmas in a particularly religious manner, or to celebrate it at all--the day is simply acknowledged and celebrated by those who find it cause for celebration. I think these "counter-celebrations" should be called what they are: rude and disorderly.

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