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Tuesday, December 30, 2008



"in the long run, the fight will never be over until the slaughter of the unborn ceases. And it’s also because the supporters of abortion will not rest with their electoral victory. They are going to push and push until, at last, we stop them."

Interesting article. Odd last line, though. Ambiguous. "...we stop them." "We" who? And "them"? Hoping this means "until we pro-lifers stop abortion." But it sounds like he's saying that pro-lifers will push until pro-"choicers" stop them.
It's "Those bastard pronouns", as a friend used to complain.


There's a long road ahead w/no breaks for we, prolifers. I recently read on another website, an article on the children of prolife evangelicals who were educated or should I say indoctrinated in the anti-life public school system. They voted for Mr BO which means they are not as prolife as their parents. I assume this is also happening to the Catholic children from the public schools. Dare I say from some Catholic schools too? The anti-lifers seem to better invest in the future than us. It seems to be a never-ending battle from at least 2 fronts. But, then I think of a protective Father who only has so much patience when His innocent children are being slaughtered.

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