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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Gail F

"There may have been reasons for anti-abortion Americans to vote for Barack Obama in spite of his position that abortion should be essentially unregulated and funded by taxpayer dollars. But Kmiec's suggestion that Obama took the Democrats in anything like a pro-life direction on the issue doesn't pass the laugh test"

THANK YOU, Mr. Douthat. I know some people who voted for Obama despite of his positions on abortion because of other reasons they believed were more important or immediate. But to claim that Obama is somehow pro-life is just absurd and really deserves a big laugh. You can't have both.

Ed Peters

"...the thing for [Kmiec] to do is to cease acting like the sort of person for whom the term 'useful idiot' was coined..."

Exactly. Though I think it is too late for anything like a rehabilitation of DK to come about in genuine Catholic academic circles. Sure, God can forgive him his offense, but he will never, never, be trusted again by anyone who counts. Most folks get only chance to prove themselves in a foxhole. DK's time to do that has come and gone.

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