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Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Hi I was pointed this way by a relative of someone who worked on this blog.

I must say any Christian should be insulted to be called a revolutionary.

Throughout the past 500 years, revolution- whether it be the Protestant Revolution, the English Revolution, the American or French Revolution- has always resulted in destruction of Christian order.

Catholicism is counter-revolutionary, and rightly so. Societies that reject the Social Reign of Christ the King don't last long, whereas societies that did were more stable and lasted much longer. Italy, since leaving the Papal States, has changed its form of government dozens of times in the past century.

In every facet of society do we see Christian Order tossed aside and severe consequences follow. The Industrial revolution led to the greater evils of Karl Marx. We see the revolution in our educational system over the past centuries. From Thomistic Scholasticism to Marx, Freud and Darwin, a once knowledgeable society of Christians has become a system of socialized education, where they dumb down academic standards, encourage the aptly named "Culture of Death", and brainwash our young Catholics (I myself didn't realize this until my senior year of high school)to reject and forget the glorious past and legacy of the once great civilization of Christendom.

No, we are told to love our new god, the state, and its holy prophecies, the Enlightenment, with its saints, celebrities and antiCatholic philosophers.

A Revolutionary of the Christian type? It seems to be a contradiction in terms.

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