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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Nick Milne

Throughout the history of the world there have been many such figures, almost transcendent figures who are able to give an almost singular expression to the Spirit of God.

Almost, but not quite.

I also find it telling that the good father asks his readers to emulate Winnie the Pooh in their approach to God. The bear in question, though a gentleman of eminent quality, is not well-known for being described in terms of his innocence or lack of guile, as one might describe the children our Lord commanded us to emulate, but rather as being one with "very little brain." This would seem to indicate that Fr. Dresser knows his readers well, and has descended (transcended?) from Other Realms to be their avatar.


Welcome to my world - Catholicism Down Under - check out St Mary's Brisbane as well. *sigh*

Ed Peters

I tend to be one of those folks who, seeing bishops fail to excommunicate and/or expell from the clergy a given appalling priest, say to myself, "Well, there might a reason I don't know about here." In this case, however, I cannot remotely imagine what that would be.


Barbara Thiering? Oh, Jesus, save us!

Manuel G. Daugherty Razetto

It is a pity that the Bishop who was in charge of Father Dresser until his recent retirement, did not act promptly and efficiently; I do not think your thoughts on Father Dresser were strong enough. The man sustains a Heresy that was solved at the beginning of our Church's History. It is time that Bishops do their work more appropiately. When it comes to Heresy, someone in the Curia should have acted quickly. Where is Cardinal Levada on this ?


Unfortunately the original text of Fr. Dresser's work entitled, "God is Big, Real Big" seems no longer to be avalable. It has been withdrawn from the website. All that one would find at the address is Fr. Dresser's retraction, apology and 'explanation'.


He needs either: excommunicated, or, Haldol.

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