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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Steven Barlow

Evolution is a deceit with no scientific basis...

This is a fact that is proven by fields of science such as biology, genetics, anatomy, medicine, physics, biomathematics, biogenetics, etc.

The irreducible complexity of the DNA is a very obvious reason and rationality why chance events, randomness or graduation cannot explain evolution.

Darwin claimed there was a step by step graduation and evolution. How can DNA with its 3.5 billion letters could have formed step by step in the cell nucleus. Even changing a letter of this 3.5 billion letter alphabet would destroy the entire organism, and these are called mutations as we see in mutant flies with their body parts dislocated.

The irreducible complexity in the cell is another obstacle before evolution idea. There cannot be any step by step graduation in the formation of the cell. Without the cell nucleus, the cell is dead. Without the mitochondria, ribosomes, cell wall, cytoplasm etc. the cell is dead. There cannot be a gradual formation, the cell can only originate in its full complex form so that it may survive. This is the main idea behind creation.

God has created the entire living beings including plants, animals and human beings with a great design and plan in their full form. There is no graduation and that is why the fossil records entirely show intact, full beings with no transition.

I hope this was explanatory.
Best regards.

Mark Brumley

Not really.


Steven --

Your concern that evolutionary theory can be used to attack faith is certainly valid, as it has been frequently used to do so. Your point that there is still a lot left to explain about evolution is also well taken. But the idea that evolution has no scientific basis whatsoever is unfounded. If Catholics wish to be able to discuss the interaction of faith and science intelligently, we must be competent in our understanding of science. Your arguments against evolution here are not well-informed.

The changing of a single base pair in an organism's genome will NOT destroy the entire organism. In fact, you probably have several base pairs being mutated in you right now. It happens all the time. Most likely, though, they are not in important areas of the genome. Much of DNA does not code for genes, and there is a built-in plasticity to the genome that allows it to absorb mutations without much change. Even within a protein, changing several amino acids does not necessarily affect the protein. Your assertion is simply false.

The idea that the complete complexity of living organisms cannot be explained by gradual, step-by-step evolution is plausible with our current level of knowledge. But if you wish to defend that idea, please use competent arguments. Our Faith deserves no less.

-- Michael
Deeps of Time -- Science and the Catholic Faith

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