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Wednesday, October 01, 2008




Ed Peters

Novus sol ortus est apud episcopos nostros.

Mary Ellen

I just learned that yesterday California approved an assisted suicide measure allowing nurses to sedate, dehydrate and starve individuals they consider "terminally ill." A staggering thought.


The Bishop's attempt to dictate how catholics should vote is pathatic and, apparently, not working.

A Catholic Shift to Obama?
Not this year. Catholics, who are quintessential swing voters and gave narrow but crucial support to President Bush in 2004, are drifting toward Barack Obama. And this time, some church leaders are suggesting that single-issue voting is by no means a Catholic commandment.

Polls have varied in measuring the Catholic shift toward the Democrats, but Obama seems to be running ahead of John Kerry's performance in 2004. According to the network exit polls, Bush carried 52 percent of the Catholic vote to 47 percent for Kerry. By contrast, a mid-October Pew Research Center survey showed Obama leading John McCain among Catholics by 55 percent to 35 percent.

It seems that many, many catholics are exercising their free will, evaluating all of the issues we face and voting accordingly. We are a democracy and no religion should use fear and intimidation to sway a voters choice.

Sen. Biden has the right position: he personally accepts the church's position on abortion. But he won't vote to make it illegal or difficult. Then again, he also won't vote for government funded abortions. that is the single best position for anyone in a democracy; it respects EVERYONE'S rights.

For the catholics who want a theocracy, where the government dictates issues based on a religion, I suggest you move to an Islamic country under Sariah law, e.g., Iran. Or join the Taliban.

Another vote for Obama and Biden


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