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Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Does anyone have any update on Bishop Niederaurer's meeting with Pelosi? Have we heard anything from Biden's new bishop on Biden?

Dan Deeny

I was wondering if a devout Catholic could,in good conscience, have worked at the camp at Dachau. Perhaps. He might have thought the following: First, while he was personally opposed to the extermination of the Jews, he didn't think it was right to impose his religious views on others; Second, the final solution was legal, and indeed an efficient and mathematical means of removing a problem; Third, from a certain perspective, the Jews, being dead, would no longer suffer the pain and anguish of being unwanted, often expressed as Antisemitism. He might have worked in the bookkeeping department, fulfilling his duty as a good Catholic to provide shelter and clothing to the needy, or perhaps in the cafeteria, fulfilling his duty to feed the hungry. What do you think?

Nino Baldino

well neither am I a John Paul guy .I really am surprised this site would fall for this worldly devotion to the last pope..He was silent during the entire ,most disasterous sex scandal in 2000 years..many Catholic schools have had to close down for dioceses sued over the sex scandals in their areas had to pay and thus lost land etc...Pope John Paul would send telegrams to governors begging for this or not murderer to not be executed but was silent on Little Ellian being kidnapped by the Clintons and shipped back to cuba..which of course has statue honoring this 'great' how obvious is it...Pope John Paul 11 was the worst pope of the 20th century...and you defend him..and where is Card.Law..a plush job in the Vatican I hear and he has devastated Mass...sad...whom the secular world hardly a role model..and it honors the pope your defending......I will pray for a bit of common sense and reasoning to enter thru a crack in the wall at your office...all the best...N


Its sad that Biden believes Satan's illusions about abortion. It solves nothing, and he's trying to grasp onto the failed idea that it solves something. We need to pray for him very much.

Dan Deeny, I will pray for you. No matter how well or badly a Pope performs his office, Jesus still gave him that office. It is unjust, as Catholics, to mistreat and criticise those that Jesus puts into power. Jesus warns us not to judge, for we will be judged and more severely so by Him in return. Let us both praise and honour Jesus by thanking ALL Popes, even John Paul II, for doing their best to shepherd the flocks worldwide. Amen.

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