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Thursday, October 02, 2008



"If, however, we accept the Barthian principle, the complete nonexistence of any natural channel of understanding between God and Man, it is difficult to see how such an act of faith can be elicited except from those who already possess some kind of faith."

Since becoming Catholic, and before I even focused on the formal theology, I have found myself contemplating that great mystery, the Incarnation with increasing wonder and awe. I am beginning to realize that it is a very Catholic place to start, and it is perhaps also the most critical area of truncation in the Protestant theology that I knew, as though there was some fear or aversion to exploring the implications of God becoming man, beyond the minimum required for salvation. And, (simplifying, of course) once those requirements were met for the "ticket" to heaven at some future date, as some Evangelical popular train imagery tells us, the need to more deeply understand the Incarnation is gone. Whereas the Catholic path is communion with God, right now, through the incarnate Word made present, and moving forward into ever deeper communion and the wider and deeper implications of the Incarnation itself. As Dr. Scott Hahn would put it, it is the difference between contract and covenant.

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