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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Mark Brumley

Interesting points. Perhaps the calmer tones can lead to a better discussion of the issues, now that the raised voices have gotten everyone's attention.


Beyond this blog and First Things, what attention has this gotten?

Carl E. Olson

Jackson: Are you implying that there is some value, even miniscule, in what happens outside of this blog and First Things? How dare you! ;-)



But seriously, I'm interested in seeing where else this has gotten attention.

Mark Brumley

It's gotten attention among some of the Shakespeare folk. As you might expect.

The Athenian Stranger

I still want Miola's work on Senecan elements in Shakespeare rewritten for the general reader.

The Athenian Stranger

I notice that RR Reno of Creighton has an interview with Miola on Google Video as of September 3rd.

The Athenian Stranger

I also noticed Anthony Esolen's endorsement somewhere on the thread...I've always enjoyed Esolen's work. If he can Miola want to argue over it, I'd pay good money to read it.


Would it be possible for you to publish the entire interview online? For whatever reason, I cannot access the video. Or, is it up at YouTube? Many thanks for your consideration.


Yay! I was finally able to access it - an excellent interview!

LOL! Fr. Fessio - JP for VP!

Can you set up a Youtube account & post this there? Fr. Pavone has done it - Fr. Corapi & Fr. Leo Clifford as well.

Here's Fr. Pavone's channel:

Here's one of my favorites, Fr. Leo Clifford, although the videos were posted by someone else:

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