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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mark Brumley

At a seminar I gave almost two decades ago, a man stood up during the Q & A period and began to explain why the Vatican had an observatory. He challenged me to admit the truth. The observatory was a front for the Vatican's particle beam weapon, which the Pope would use against the "space brothers". These extraterrestrial friends of the human race wanted to bring the blessings of their advanced civilization and profound spirituality to the human race, but the Pope was preventing it.

So now you know. The truth is no longer out there. It is right here.


"The only thing I can say is that either you have it and don’t know it, or God works with each of us differently, and God does not deny that gift to anybody. I firmly believe that."

Huh? He must be related to Rowan Williams for all his double-talk. A Vatican scientist who can't bring himself to say the Heavens declare the glory of God, and who is happy zinging Fundamentalists instead.

The quotes from the other Vaticanistas are great.

Nick Milne

Richard Dawkins misunderstanding something about religion? Shocking.

Ed Peters

Mark, do you know how long it took us to hunt down everyone at that meeting and, er, uh, eliminate them? Now, thanks to your post above, we've got to start all over again.

Joseph Previtali

For an interesting critique of the Intelligent Design movement that does not hold, as Fr. Coyne seems to, that "there is absolutely no reason to believe in God," see this short talk by Dr. Michael Tkacz of Gonzaga University:


So now you know. The truth is no longer out there. It is right here.

I'm glad to know that at least the Church is preparing to draw a line in the sand against the extraterrestrial invasion coming in 2012. Has the Vatican been able to prepare a vaccine or antidote against the "black oil"? Will it be made available to the faithful through local parishes? Will a new, high-tech, alien-fighting military order be founded? Where can one go to join if one feels one has a vocation battling ETs for the safety of the human race and the glory of God?

So many questions. This Catholic thing keeps getting better every day.


I'm astounded by the quality of this article. I found it as a whole to be one of the most balanced and in-depth pieces of writing I've ever read from the MSM. I suppose Dawkinsists would be angry that their messiah didn't get more air time, but I was quite pleased to see his silliness exposed primetime. Is Dawkins *conscious* of the fact that he twists peoples actual words into knots in order to make them say what he wants? If not, what a dishonest son-of-a-gun.

The only thing that I found suspect in the article was the mention of Giordano Bruno and his death. He was never convicted for his views on the make-up of the universe, but rather his heresies. Bad way to go though; I wish things like that had never happened. I read it all by ma' self:

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