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Thursday, August 28, 2008


M. Jordan Lichens

I am thinking Ms Pelosi needs a little guide to the Early Church Fathers. Any suggestions?


That is all the proof I need that Pelosi is not ignorant, but rather willingly defiant of Church teachings and an acknowledged accomplice to murder of infants for political gain.

That kind of comment is sufficient grounds for a formal warning by the Bishop and a follow up formal excommunication. (I think abortion supporters actually are subject to sudden excommunication, even without Bishop's formal statement).

Distressed Observer

As an observer from Australia can I offer the following comment:

It seems to me Ms Pelosi is sowing scandal in your Catholic community, in the true theological sense of the word. She is creating a stumbling block for the reception of the Gospel by other people of goodwill.

How can a "Catholic" not subscribe to the view that life begins at conception - whatever else one thinks of the merits of legal abortion? Apart from being obviously un-Catholic, the view that there is no "life" at conception is grossly unscientific.

I have never held this view before but it seems to me that Ms Pelosi's Local Ordinary has obligation to deny her communion while she publicly persists in her stance.

What does it say to other Catholics, who struggle to be obedient to the demands of their faith, that a person can call themsleves an "ardent Catholic", mock that faith with impugnity - and expect no conseuqence simply because they hold high public office.

It is an absolute scandal.

Dan Deeny

I suppose Rep. Pelosi and the others will say that they have not "formally cooperated in an abortion" and have not, therefore, committed "a grave offense" and can, therefore, receive communion in good conscience. Well, now what can be done? Let us pray for the Catholics involved in the abortion business. Let us also pray for ourselves. Perhaps we can think of Blessed Cardinal von Galen of Muenster, Germany.


"She believes that can be done by making family planning more available"

This is the same argument Sean Hannity made when he was called out by and got so belligerent with Father Thomas Euteneuer. This problem sometimes transcends politics, although I will say Hannity is vocally pro-life.


I'm just so happy to see the main stream media actually TALKING about what the Catholic Church REALLY teaches!! I mean, my goodnes, there are actually reporters researching what the Church believes!! You couldn't BUY that kind of media coverage!!

There are no mistakes - yep, she made a boneheaded statement, and needs to get right with God and His Church. But she has also brought this out in the open so it's being seen all over the world!! What a great thing that is!!

God Bless,


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